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Three Persian Love Stories
Three Persian Love Stories


Vis and Ramin – An Old Persian Love Story

Zar in Iran and other Countries

Short Stories:

2017                “My First Friend” Scoundrel Time, (nominated for the Pushcart  Prize)

2017                “Canada in 150 Words” Ottawa One Five O Anthology, OIW, page 69.

2016                “Rastegan” The New Quarterly, Issue 140, pages 92-94.

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2016                “The Dead” in Ambit, Issue 224, April 26, United Kingdom, pages 51-53.

2016                “Sorority of the Defeated” in Another Place anthology, Bushmead, pages 85-103.

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2015                “The Darabi Family” in Nashwaak Review, Volume 34/35, Number 1, Summer/Fall 2015, pages 324-337.

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