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Three Persian Love Stories
Three Persian Love Stories


Vis and Ramin – An Old Persian Love Story

Zar in Iran and other Countries

Short Stories and Personal Essays:

2020            “COVID19: Proof that no Man is an Island”, Commonwealth  Writers, “Stories to Connect us”:

2019                “Forbidden Art: A Journey in Persian Dance” Scoundrel Time

2018                “Age Old Ways” Cosmonaut Avenue, July 2018

2018                “Nest” Firewords, UK, July 2018.

2018                “Scientist versus Writer” Write Magazine, Volume 45, Number                            3, Winter 2018, pages 27-28.

2017                “My First Friend” Scoundrel Time,                                          (winner of the 2018 Editors’ Choice Award and nominated for the Pushcart  Prize)

2017                “Canada in 150 Words” Ottawa One Five O Anthology, OIW, page 69.

2016                “Rastegan” The New Quarterly, Issue 140, pages 92-94.

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2016                “The Dead” in Ambit, Issue 224, April 26, United Kingdom, pages 51-53.

2016                “Sorority of the Defeated” in Another Place anthology, Bushmead, pages 85-103.

To Purchase:                      Fawley/dp/0994921039

2015                “The Darabi Family” in Nashwaak Review, Volume 34/35, Number 1, Summer/Fall 2015, pages 324-337.

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